Karen and Johnny

Our Approach

After 10 years of Pastoral Ministry at The City Church of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama, Johnny and Karen Jernigan know that they have heard the cry of The Father to once again go to the Nations. Their cry is to awaken the church from its slumber with “RADICAL EVANGELISM”.

Our Story

After planting The City Church of Mobile with 11 people, 10 years later, it is now a thriving local church with a global mission. When ISIS began torturing and killing Christians, something went off in their hearts. They were moved by the Spirit of God to once again encourage the church to not fold up in the fear of radical religions. Instead, they have felt that this is the hour for the church to rise up and tell the greatest story of all, the story of God's love for humanity.

Meet the Team

Johnny and Karen have developed several evangelistic strategies to assist the local church and para-church ministries in mobilizing the people of God. Through local church ministries, denominational mobilization, drama and theatrical plays, Johnny and Karen desire to partner with you. With proven evangelism strategies, they will assist you in achieving the vision for your community.

Johnny Jernigan

Karen Jernigan