We support

Children's Cup

Children’s Cup is a ministry to Orphans in Mexico and in Swaziland, Africa. They provide the necessities: food, water and medical care. They provide the life skills needed to thrive: education, discipleship, and economic principles. But, most of all, they provide these children with an opportunity to learn about Christ.

Mission Statement : Equipping local churches to transform communities through holistic child development.



We support

Together for Israel

Together for Israel is a non-profit ministry that exists to fulfill the biblical mandate to support those laboring in the land of Israel. They support the believers in Israel by unashamedly raising funds that specifically go to those who are laboring in the Land for the Gospel. They are also a support for the Church as they bring clear Biblical teaching regarding God’s heart for Israel as well as themes related to the Church coming into its necessary ‘fullness’ which must happen before Israel is saved.

Mission Statement : Partnering with the Church for the salvation of Israel.